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Did you know that by making your home more efficient and “going green,” you can also help minimize the environmental impact of your home improvement project? Go Green Painting and Home Improvements of Berlin, MD is a locally-owned and operated home improvement company whose mission is to help homeowners and business owners in Berlin, Salisbury, Ocean City, and across the Delmarva area do just that. Go Green uses eco-friendly, biodegradable products and painting materials, and utilizes environmentally-sound practices to help reduce the unnecessary waste typical of most home improvement and renovation projects. And by recycling whenever possible and practicing responsible disposal of materials that can’t be recycled, our painting contractors do their part to tread lightly on the environment.

Why Go Green?

One of the best things about Go Green is that regardless of what products our clients choose to use in their construction or home renovation projects, we are a “green” company from beginning to end. Our clients choose the products they want to use for their home or business, and we do our best to work eco-friendly components into every job we do. Our contractors recycle all paint cans, we recycle scraps instead of using dumpsters, and we do staged cleanings for our painting and home improvement projects, thereby reducing unnecessary waste and simultaneously saving our clients money. Go Green is also certified as a CertainTeed FiberCement Siding Master Craftsman, which means our contractors are qualified in the installation of fire-retardant siding made from 30% post-industrial waste.

Eco-Friendly Exterior Paints

At Go Green, our contractors use non-toxic paints with no VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, which are harmful chemicals that the EPA says can have adverse effects on human health. VOCs are found in many household products, paints and varnishes, and can also cause harm to the environment. In addition to protecting the health of your family and the environment, eco-friendly, no-VOC paints like the products we use also have financial benefits. While some green exterior paints and eco-friendly products may be more expensive upfront, the effort we put into recycling materials and the practices we use to promote sustainability actually end up saving homeowners money. As more people learn about the known health, environmental and financial benefits associated with eco-friendly construction materials and exterior paints, many Americans are choosing to “go green” in their own lives.

Berlin, MD is Going Green

Go Green is recognized as a Green Registry member by the state of Maryland, and our company actively supports the Grown Berlin Green initiative, a community-wide campaign dedicated to environmental protection, conservation and smart growth. By recognizing the importance of waste reduction and sustainability, and by actively training in the latest eco-friendly technologies, our painting contractors will continue to offer Delmarva homeowners and business owners green solutions for all their exterior painting needs. So, whether you’re upgrading the exterior of your home or simply in need of a new paint job, Go Green has a green alternative for your construction, upgrade, or home improvement project.