Commercial and House Painting for Maryland and Delmarva

Eco-Friendly Painting

Go Green is one of the most environmentally-conscious painting and construction companies on Delmarva, employing painting contractors who have the knowledge and products necessary to keep our projects as green as possible. As more and more people across Delmarva and the United States learn about the environmental, health and financial benefits of eco-friendly painting, many are embracing the idea of “going green” in their own lives. At Go Green Painting & Home Improvements in Berlin, Maryland, we work eco-friendly materials and practices into every project we take on, offering green alternatives for interior and exterior painting projects, and for any other aspect of construction. With 20 years of experience in painting and construction, our contractors at Go Green can help you incorporate environmentally-friendly interior or exterior painting into your home or business.

Non-Toxic, Green Painting With No VOCs

One of the most important aspects of creating an eco-friendly and healthy indoor living environment involves using painting materials that contain no VOC pollutants. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are emitted as gases from certain paints and lacquers, building materials, and paint strippers, and many of these chemicals can have short- or long-term adverse effects on human health. Unfortunately, in many paints and finishes used in homes, VOCs are released into the air for up to eight years after application, in a process known as “off-gassing.” Off-gassing is considered by the EPA to be one of the reasons why indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air, and is particularly dangerous because most Americans spend 90% of their time indoors.

Interior Home Painting

Go Green’s number one goal for indoor home painting projects is to create a clean, safe and green indoor living environment. In addition to our use of no-VOC paints and materials, our non-toxic stains and finishes for flooring and cabinets also help to reduce the emission of harmful pollutants in the home. Go Green is dedicated to the highest degree of quality and sustainability, using only the most eco-friendly materials in indoor home painting projects, and recycling everything we can throughout the process.

Exterior House Painting

In addition to limiting exposure to harmful chemicals in the home, our certified contractors recognize the importance of reducing pollutants and waste in the environment as well. In an effort to fulfill this goal, we offer a green alternative for any of your home improvement projects and exterior house painting needs. Go Green is certified as a CertainTeed FiberCement Siding Master Craftsman, installing fire-retardant siding made from 30% post-industrial waste, and putting careful consideration into sustainability in all aspects of exterior house painting and other construction projects.

Contrary to what some people believe, there is no need to sacrifice the quality products you want to use in order to keep home painting and other home improvement projects eco-friendly. You can still have that hardwood floor you want from Home Depot, but we will make sure to recycle all the scraps throughout the project, ultimately saving you money and working towards our company’s goal of “treading lightly.” Our home painters put a big emphasis on responsible recycling techniques, recycling paint cans and using staged cleaning to reduce our impact on the environment and prevent waste products from entering our waterways. Too often, production-style construction companies mass produce houses without taking into consideration quality or waste reduction, a practice that simply doesn’t fit the “go green” ideal. At Go Green, we work to promote eco-friendly painting, building safer spaces for families and businesses in Berlin, Ocean City, Salisbury, and all across Maryland and the Delmarva area.