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Remodeling or upgrading your home with custom carpentry or eco-friendly siding can significantly improve its appearance and can ultimately increase the overall value of your home. For this reason, homeowners all over the United States are embracing the ideals of green building and hiring local carpenters to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their homes. At Go Green, our experienced home carpenters can help homeowners in Berlin, Salisbury, Ocean City and across Delmarva make their homes more energy efficient, by sharing our knowledge of custom woodworking, eco-friendly products and green building practices. What sets Go Green apart from other custom carpentry and siding contractors in Maryland and on Delmarva is our careful consideration of all aspects of the home improvement project pertaining to sustainability and resource preservation. For all of your custom carpentry, siding and woodworking needs, contact Go Green Painting and Home Improvements of Berlin, MD, and protect your most important investment.

Green Home Improvement and Custom Carpentry

There are home improvement companies out there that boast “sustainability” policies, but green home improvement involves much more than just home carpenters using a popular catch phrase to boost sales. Modern sustainability initiatives call for a cooperative and integrated approach to both new construction and the renovation of existing structures, promoting home improvement and remodeling practices that protect the environment and safeguard the health of homeowners and their families. At Go Green, we integrate as many aspects of green building as possible into every home improvement and custom carpentry job we take on, recycling scraps and paint cans and conducting staged cleanings in containers to reduce the impact of waste products on our local waterways.

Durable, Eco-Friendly Siding

Siding is a popular option for homeowners who want to change the look of their home without having to commit to re-painting every couple of years or so. At Go Green, we use only the highest quality siding products for home improvement and remodeling projects, providing homeowners diverse siding options and eco-friendly choices to suit their personal taste, practical needs and environmental concerns. In fact, Go Green Painting and Home Improvements is certified as a CertainTeed master craftsman of fiber cement siding, a type of fire-retardant siding made from 30% post-industrial waste. Fiber cement siding offers homeowners a quality and durable option for their exterior home improvement and siding needs, featuring an authentic, natural stucco or wood grain appearance and a variety of color possibilities.

Fiber cement siding is applied to the exterior of residential and commercial properties to provide protection from the elements, and, since the product is made primarily from sand, cement and wood fiber, fiber cement siding is the right product for the job. Fiber cement siding is remarkable not only because it resists fire, rain, wind and insects, but also because it outlasts conventional siding products – often by decades – naturally resisting termites and decay. With the hardy durability of fiber cement siding, homeowners can enjoy lower maintenance costs while doing their part for the environment, as CertainTeed fiber cement siding is a National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) “Green Approved Product” containing recycled materials.

Go Green Home Restoration and Woodworking

Our house carpenters at Go Green can help homeowners complete restoration work for their homes, breathing life back into a structure that has been damaged or worn by weather, fire, time, or plumbing or electrical problems. Damage to roofing, siding, windows or doors can not only impair the aesthetic appearance of your home, but can also affect its overall efficiency and can have a negative impact on your utility and maintenance bills. Older windows and doors, for example, leak large amounts of hot and cold air, and damaged roofing and siding can lead to leaks that can cause further damage to your home over time. New home improvement technology yields windows that are at least three times as efficient as older models, and restoration of damaged parts of your home can increase the longevity of your roof and siding. If you’re considering restoring your home or upgrading parts of your home with custom carpentry or siding, contact our local carpenters at Go Green Painting and Home Improvements today for an in-home estimate.