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Tired of staring at that pink tiled bathtub every morning, or squeezing into a master bathroom that boasts standing room only? It might be time for you to consider updating your tired bathroom tile or finally making your master bath live up to its name. Bathroom remodeling projects can serve a number of different purposes for homeowners, including expanding a small bathroom, repairing problem areas, or replacing outdated bathroom fixtures and features, among others. At Go Green Painting and Home Improvements, our remodeling contractors have years of experience in bath renovations and repairs, providing affordable and professional bathroom remodeling services in Berlin, Salisbury, Ocean City and across the Delmarva area. What sets Go Green apart from other companies is that we incorporate as many eco-friendly aspects as possible into all of our home improvement projects, exceeding the expectations of our customers while doing our part to promote waste reduction, recycling and sustainability.

Bathroom Fixtures

Did you know that outdated plumbing fixtures cause thousands of gallons of water to be wasted by each household every year? Fortunately, replacing your home’s old plumbing fixtures with modern low-flow devices can reduce water use by up to 50%. Plus, by installing a recycled water irrigation system, you can put reclaimed water from your home to use hydrating your lawn! These are only some of the tips Go Green can bring to the attention of homeowners, helping them learn how replacing outdated bathroom fixtures can benefit the environment and ultimately save them money. When it comes to updating bathroom fixtures, there are a variety of options for homeowners to choose from, including the depth, design and color of the sink, the material used for the faucet, and whether a single piece faucet or split-set faucet is the right fit.

Bathroom Vanities

When choosing a sink for your bathroom remodeling project, it’s important to take into consideration whether you want the sink to be free-standing or part of a bathroom vanity. Bathroom vanities can serve as both the centerpiece and the main source of storage for your new bathroom, so be sure to choose something that suits your taste and practical needs. Traditional bathroom vanities feature a built-in sink with a cabinet located underneath and a mirror above, although free-standing sinks without storage are also a popular option. When selecting your bathroom vanity, choose a material that is easy to clean and can stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use.

Bathroom Flooring and Tile

Since the bathroom is typically a high-traffic area, choosing the right flooring for your bathroom remodeling project is key to ensuring its long life. There are a variety of materials to choose from for your bathroom flooring, including different kinds of tile and various colors and styles of linoleum. Here at Go Green Painting and Home Improvements, all of our flooring materials are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, which means you can finally re-vamp your bathroom flooring without producing excess waste that could harm the environment.

Bathtub Refinishing

The best way to completely alter the look and feel of your bathroom is to hire remodeling contractors experienced in bathtub refinishing. At Go Green, we can help you choose the bathtub or shower that perfectly suits the size, style and functionality of your bathroom. With the wide variety of bathtub and shower options available today, homeowners have their choice of size, color, material and even shape for their bathtub remodeling. Although bathtubs take up more room than showers, they are traditionally more relaxing, they can accommodate more than one person, and some even come with jets for a true spa-like feel. Showers, on the other hand, can make small bathrooms appear larger and can be customized with shower heads that mimic a waterfall or create a sensation similar to a steam room.

Bathroom Repair

It’s important to have a purpose in mind when remodeling your bathroom, so you can ensure that the final product suits the practical needs of you and your family. Consider this: are you planning to expand the master bath and install a whirlpool and double sinks? Or are you looking for a simple but modern upgrade for your guest or family bathroom? Making distinctions like these will help you set the standard for your bathroom remodeling project, allowing you to move on to other considerations like style, color scheme and design. Because bathroom remodeling can be such a big project, hiring the right remodeling contractor is key to the success of your bath renovation. With years of experience in home improvement and bathroom repair, our remodeling contractors at Go Green deliver quality service, and will gladly share with you unique design ideas and extensive knowledge about our green bathroom remodeling products. If you’re considering renovating or updating your bathroom, contact Go Green Painting and Home Improvements, your full-service, eco-friendly bathroom remodeling company in Berlin, Maryland.