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ECOS Paints

By Eco Products, Interior Paint

ECOS Paints

We love odorless*, health-focused ECOS paints, stains, and varnishes because they have no hidden ingredients. Ingredients determine a paint’s toxicity, and the odor it produces when drying. The harsh fumes from conventional paints come from their ingredients. Because of this, we carefully select the ingredients for our Zero VOC* paints to make sure there are no harsh fumes or conventional paint odor. They have great colors too. “At ECOS, we’re passionate about making exquisite colors. We import ultra-refined Zero VOC* pigments from Europe that let us create an almost boundless color palette, without the VOC and chemical issues common in conventional pigments. Choosing colors requires context. Our carefully curated Nature’s Palette draws on color stories from eight distinct North American regions. Our Classic Palette offers a wide breadth of color, with over 1,200 variations from every major color category.”

Free Color Chips
Seeing is believing. Truly knowing how a color looks is so important that we’ll send you free color chips so you can be certain you’ve chosen a color you love. To help you finalize your choice, we also offer 2 ounce color paint samples you can try out at home.

Why Does ECOS Paints Have Better Coverage?
We use the highest quality ingredients, and we don’t fill the can with cheap, harmful solvents that evaporate into the air. The result? Paint with a much higher solids content that spreads farther. What you put on the wall stays on the wall.
How Do I Benefit From Better Coverage? Quite simply, you save money. For example, with 1.5 times more coverage, painting a room that requires 3 gallons of a conventional paint will only take 2 gallons of ECOS paint. You’re saving 33%!

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Green Hotels in Ocean City Maryland

By Eco Products, Environmental, Tourism

What is a green hotel? Green hotels in Ocean City, Maryland are environmentally-friendly accommodations that utilize programs which save water and energy and reduce solid waste.

You’re probably already familiar with one common green initiative–many hotels and motels ask that you hang your towel in the bathroom if you’d like to use it again or leave it on the bathroom floor if you’d like a new one. Read More

Natural Blend Crawfords Putty

By Eco Products

Crawford’s is a family business that has been producing high-quality products for over 50 years. Their Natural Blend Painter’s Putty is a ready-to-use, multipurpose painter’s putty used for filling nail holes, dents and imperfections on old and new wood, indoors or out. Founded in 1956 by Harry G. Crawford and Gertrude J. Crawford. Harry, who was a professional painter, claimed he couldn’t find a painter’s putty to his liking. So he started making his own right on the job site! Read More

Plastics are now commonly found in elements through out nature and in the environment - from floating “trash islands” to tiny fragments known as "nurdles" which are commonly found in most waterways and the bellies of its inhabitants. Plastics will not completely degrade for thousands of years. Think about how you use plastic and be responsible. Reduce. Reuse.Recycle... or at least put in a proper receptacle!

Plastics are a big deal

Solar and Efficiency Technologies

By Environmental

Base in Twentynine Palms, CA, Showcases Solar and Efficiency Technologies: As we celebrate Earth Day, April 22, there are hundreds of success stories of how our environment has improved since 1970. Clean energy technology has been an important driver in reducing emissions and saving businesses money as they improve energy efficiency and deploy renewable power.

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Worcester County Green Business Award Winner

By Exterior Paint, Home Improvement, Interior Paint

Go Green Painting Berlin MarylandOCEAN CITY — Worcester County Tourism named the 2014 Worcester Green Award winners during the Ocean City Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Association dinner meeting April 24. Photo: Tourism Director Lisa Challenger and Patricia Ilczuk-Lavanceau with Comcast Spotlight present Go Green Painting and Home Improvement co-owner Ryan Murphy with the Worcester Green Business Award.

Worcester Green awards are given to area businesses and individuals dedicated to implementing sustainable environmental practices, such as water conservation, wastewater management, alternative transportation, recycling, energy conservation, on-site renewable energy production, use of local products and foods and the purchase of renewable energy.

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Have you had your HVAC serviced lately?

By Home Improvement
Duct leakage is a big deal. It’s one of the top three energy wasters in most homes (air leakage and cable TV set-top boxes being the other two). Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab found that duct systems leak on average about 10% of the supply air they move and 12% of the return air. In far more homes than you might suspect, the main culprit is a disconnected duct, as shown in the photo at right, but a typical duct system has a lot of other leaks, too. But another problem occurs with the duct leakage to cause even more wasted energy. Read More

In addition to federal tax incentives, some consumers will also be eligible for utility or state rebates, as well as state tax incentives for energy-efficient homes, vehicles and equipment. Each individual state's energy office web site may have more information on specific state tax information.

Tax Incentives

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