About Us

Go Green Painting and Home Improvements, LLC is a locally-owned and operated company offering eco-friendly solutions for all of your home building and remodeling needs. Located in Berlin, MD, Go Green offers green alternatives for homeowners and business owners in Salisbury, Ocean City, Berlin, and across Maryland and Delmarva, promoting green building ideals for healthier, more energy-efficient homes. The green building movement in the United States has brought the idea of eco-friendly home improvement to our doorsteps, and more and more Americans are using this knowledge to reap the benefits of sustainable, environmentally-friendly homes.

By embracing green painting and home remodeling practices, homeowners can do more than reduce environmental waste and improve the efficiency of their homes; they can even save money and protect the health of their families.

Why We Do What We Do

Our mission is simple – to promote healthy, durable, energy- and resource-efficient homes. By embracing environmentally-friendly practices and products, we set ourselves apart from other construction companies that often mass produce homes without any consideration for waste reduction or resource preservation. At Go Green, we realize how much waste we produce as a society, and we make a conscious effort to combat this impropriety with eco-friendly home improvement products like solar water heaters, grey-water solutions, low-flow plumbing fixtures, no-VOC paints, and more. Few homeowners realize that even something as simple as their interior home painting choices can adversely affect the environment and the well-being of their family.

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