What is a green hotel? Green hotels in Ocean City, Maryland are environmentally-friendly accommodations that utilize programs which save water and energy and reduce solid waste.

You’re probably already familiar with one common green initiative–many hotels and motels ask that you hang your towel in the bathroom if you’d like to use it again or leave it on the bathroom floor if you’d like a new one.

According to Project Planet, green hotels estimate that they save almost 200 million liters of water in one year. By reusing your bath linens while staying in a hotel, for example, you’re helping hotels save as much as 11-17% on water treatment costs annually.

Green initiatives

In addition to encouraging guests to reuse towels before washing, some hotel chains urge customers not to demand fresh bed linens every day. By using the same bed linens during your entire stay, hotels can save on linens, detergent, water, utilities, laundry and labor expenses. Of course, sheets will be changed between guests, but using your sheets for a few days without changing them will help reduce water usage, utilities and supplies while on your vacation.

Another significant source of waste in hotels comes from the tiny complimentary shampoo bottles and bars of soap you’ll find in the bathroom. Reducing the waste of these disposable items can reduce the amount of plastic produced and discarded, as well as the amount of soaps that are manufactured. Some hotels are now using liquid soap dispensers by the sink as well as all-in-one conditioning shampoo and body wash in the shower, eliminating the abundance of plastic bottles and the waste of unused soap.

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